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Your iBox Secure can be installed in 3 different ways:

  1. Using the wall mount included with the iBox Secure
  2. Using an adjustable bracket allowing the iBox Secure to be rotated
  3. Using a post mounting bracket

1. The included wall mount for the iBox Secure

After watching this video you'll see what comes with your purchase, you'll be able to mount the iBox Secure and how to connect your iBox Secure to a power supply.

If you need your iBox Secure to be mounted elsewhere on your property, make sure to check the different mounting brackets further below.

You can also follow written instructions at the link below.

View Instructions


2. Adjustable Bracket for the iBox Secure

The adjustable bracket allows you to mount your iBox Secure to the wall and rotate it towards your pathway or wherever you see fit.

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3. Post mounting bracket for the iBox Secure

Your iBox Secure can also be mounted on a post,  the post mounting bracket is for you.

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